• It was late, and Yuki had only three things on his mind: Defecting from Nohr, his encounter with Ri, and his hostage.

    ???: Ugh... It looks like I'm gonna have to get a room at this little inn...

    ???: My sister runs this place! I bet we could get a discount!

    ???: Your sisters run almost every establishment in the world, Anna.

    Anna: Well, of course!

    ???: I'm just dying to see what a hotel in a city with such a high murder rate is! GET IT?!

    ???: Your jokes are too out there, Henry.

    Henry: Awwwwwwww...~

    Anna: Why did you make us quit being Shepherds so abruptly, Lon'qu?

    Lon'qu: I don't have a good feeling about how things have been going, lately.

    Anna: Understandable.

    The first replier runs into this trio.

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