"I want to end this war, and live in peace. Unfortunately, I must murder many civilians to win this war and get peace..."

Yuki is a Nohrian prince who started reconstructing Chon'sin, in hopes of having a country dedicated to the end of the war. Like most characters, he dresses in modern clothing outside of battle.

Weaponry Edit

Yuki usually has the Celica's Gale tome as his main weapon. He can also be seen using an iron bow, and the mend staff.

Quotes Edit

Crits Edit

Japanese Edit

  • "Anata no chi wa nani iro, desu ka?! Ahahahaha!"
  • "SHINU!"

English Edit

  • "I'm going to maim you, scum!"
  • "Hey, should I cut out your eyes or your tongue first?!"
  • "There was one idiot who tried to oppose me. He was cut into pieces. The end."

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